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Bergen, October 27, 2017

Salt Church Multiplication Center invites pastors and church planters to a one-day Church Multiplication Forum, with focus on church planting in Norway and Europe and multisite church leadership in a European context.

Our vision is to be a center for innovation, equipment, and training, so that people find and fill the place God has in mind for them, and in doing so expands the Kingdom of God locally, nationally, and globally.

Salt aim to be a church planting movement in exponential growth through multiplication and reproduction – a church that plants churches, that plants new churches, but where quality and apostolic leadership is secured through a strong center as growth engine. Salt CMC is Salt’s catalyzing center for multiplication and growth. We have a value of sharing our knowledge and experiences with all pastors and church planters that want to learn from us. The headliner for the next gathering will be «Movement»


Salt Church Multiplication Center (CMC Forum) (St. Olavs vei 10)

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Salt CMC-forum is a part of our pre-conference.

There has been two CMC-forum during the last year with great response.

This falls topic is “Church movement’s”! Leo Bigger and pastors from our church will have sessions during the day.

The topics will include:

  • How does a church planting movement look like during the next decades in Europe?
  • How can we start small, making sure to grow into a big movement?
  • How to create a DNA that in the long term would become a big movement?

CMC Forum program

Venue: St.Olav vei 10

09.45PM – Doors open
10.00PM – Sessions with Leo Bigger, Øystein Gjerme, and others
12.00PM – Lunch
1.00PM –  Sessions with Leo Bigger, Øystein Gjerme, and others
2.30PM –  Sessions with Leo Bigger, Øystein Gjerme, and others
4.00PM – Dinner


Salt Conference October 27 to 29 , and Salt CMC Forum October 27

The Salt Conference is designed to inspire you to build healthy and vital communities in your city. Our topic this year is ”Movement”; God is movement, and we want to inspire you and your church to be a movement. We are excited for the conference and believe it will encourage you and your team for the next season!

We are excited about Leo Bigger coming to the Salt Conference. Leo and his wife Susanna are main pastors/Senior pastors in the ICF-movement. The ICF movement are one of the largest church movements in Switzerland and Europe, with 60 churches in almost 10 different countries. Leo has authored several books and is a recognized international preacher. You will also hear from our own pastors who look forward to share from their experiences.

Program Salt Conference

Venue: Kanalveien 90

Friday: Opening meeting 7.00PM
Saturday: Day session 10.00AM-3.00PM
Saturday: Evening meeting 7.00PM
Sunday: Service 4.00PM

If you are interested in participating, or want more information about Salt CMC, please provide your contact information and we will contact you.

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